Google AdSense


Google AdSense

Good Adsense is the smart Ad that Follows Visitors!

Whether you are promoting a product or a service, the power of Internet Marketing Campaigns should not be underestimated, and that is where Google AdSense and Google AdWords come in play. The percentage of people using the web to search for products and services is increasing by the minute, so a prominent online presence is crucial for a successful business.

Our Long Island Social Media Marketing Team at Web Services by Design, will design the best Smart Ads to promote your business, and help you establish trust while, at the same time, enhancing your website’s visibility.

Are you wasting large amounts of money on useless PPC Campaigns which have never been truly researched, or which have broken links and other problems, and therefore they are not driving any traffic to your site? Give our experts, who have years of proven experience and a very high success rate, a call right now, let us make it right for you, so you can start seeing immediate gratifying results, and increase in revenue.

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Long Island Google AdSense Marketing

Google AdSense

AdWords – Gets You at the Very Top of Google Search Engine

A Google AdWords campaign will allow your business to be at the very top of search results in the Google Search Engine for the keywords you choose that best represent your products or services.

Basically with Google AdWords it is as simple as “No Visit, No Fee”; therefore, you only pay a small fee, a budget which is set by you, when a customer clicks to visit your website. Better yet, you can target your ads locally or globally, to your preferred geographical area.

Our Digital Marketing team has unsurpassed expertise in: Analytics, e-Commerce and Conversions. Give us a call at 516.889.0777 for a consultation and learn how we can boost your business.

AdChoice – The Art of Re-marketing

Google AdChoice is the perfect way to target your ads to potential customers based on their particular searches, which ensures that only those relevant customers are targeted. This means more chances of the ads being clicked on, since they will peak the customer’s interest, which means a higher probability of those clicks converting into sales.

Social Media Marketing

For example, if your business sells chocolate, then your ads are presented to users who have visited websites such as Hershey’s or other chocolate or food and dining websites, and has liked or followed any related businesses on Social Media.

This is avoids the old method of blind spending advertisement dollars on blanket ads that cover a broad range of people, many of whom would most probably have no interest in your product or services.

This is the power of modern digital marketing tools that have proven so successful to today’s businesses.

Internet Marketing – Tied All Together

The best Internet Marketing Campaigns are developed strategically through research and brainstorming. These include: Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Back-linking, Banner Ads, Landing Pages, and Social Media Marketing. Trust Web Services by Design’s full service Digital Marketing Professional Team, to take your business to the next level.

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