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HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design

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Technology is continuously advancing and improving, such as the newest and latest technology in Web Design and Development: HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design. This advancement in technology allows for easier integration of Video, Audio, 3D rendering, and Animation, to create beautiful interactive sites, without having to rely on extreme long coding, which could render the site slower.

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HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design

Long Island Web Development

W3C Compliant

The World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C, is an international community working together to establish web standards. These standards are developed to increase the capabilities and compatibility of web programming languages while standardizing the coding structure of web sites.

Web Service by Design is a Long Island Web Design company that knows and understands the importance of complying with the W3C standards when creating and developing websites, which is why our design and development teams make sure to follow all the best practices guidelines established by W3C.

Cross Browser Compatible for all Major browsers

Making sure that your website is Cross Browser Compatible is very important, especially when it comes to optimizing the site and having a prominent online presence, and that is why we use the latest technologies of HTML5 Website Coding and also CSS3 Web Design Coding.

While HTML5 & CSS3 Web Design is the best technology to use, not all browsers work the same. Older browsers and browsers created by different companies render websites differently. Therefore, we make sure your site has the greatest amount of compatibility by testing it on various computer systems and browsers to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Maximizes SEO Impact

With the HTML5 framework, the structure and visibility of your web site and its content, is greatly improved.

A properly designed and coded HTML5 compliant website includes semantic coding that helps search engine crawlers identify the content on your web pages and the importance of each section. This means that a page with several headings on the same page no longer confuses the crawlers, which help the site’s ranking since Search Engines can easily identify what the most important content is and how it relates to your business.

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