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Long Island, New York Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the many services offered by our Internet Marketing firm.
After speaking with you we will audit your website, online strategy, analyze your competition and develop an improved online strategy that will grow your business.

We are experts in designing beautiful user interfaces along with clever e-commerce internet marketing strategies resulting in maximum revenue and return on your investment for your company. By having a company marketing you with a proven track record you can expect results every step of the process.

Internet Marketing Done Right

Search engine optimization (SEO) is undertaken to get visitors who are interested in your product or services to visit your website. These are the visitors we aim for and are more likely to convert into customers. Internet marketing works for any business that provides products or services.

We take the idea of finding what keywords consumers are searching for, how your site relates to those searches and implementing changes to help your site grow in rankings.

We have been successful in reviving many businesses on the verge of closing, and making them viable. Our Long Island Based SEO company was formed around a solid reputation and helps clients enhance their online reputations

Social Media Marketing

With Facebook social ads and their introduction of business pages, the need for a social business presence is here.

Web Services by Design can create a vast array of social media promotional materials through your social networks. From sign up forms to product and promotional marketing we can put you on top of the customers mind and help you stay there for your type of business.

We can manage your social accounts and advertisements so you don’t run blindly. We understand social media marketing processes and how to maximize your conversion rate.

Banner Campaigns

Whether, you have already launched a banner campaign or are planning to launch one, let us manage it for you.

The need for an intuitive professional banner campaign to be designed and tied into a website or landing page which flows is essential. We create user friendly experiences that are interactive and keep consumers engaged.

Email Marketing

We’ll discuss and learn about your company’s industry and target audience. Thereafter we can help you build an email list, design your email campaign, and help write compelling content. One we’ve increased

We’ll discuss and learn about your company’s market and field and help to write a clear mission message. Sum up into a list of “power words” and graphic icons or symbols that visually identify the company.


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