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Long Island Logo Design

A logo identifies and represents your organization, your company, your product, service or brand - in simple words, it is basically your Corporate Identity. Therefore, making sure that your Logo Design is specific to what you are branding is very important, since it is what will set you apart from others in your same industry. Customers will see your logo and immediately know who or what it represents, it the Visual Representation of Your Company/Brand!

A simple example of this is the “Swoosh”, people do not even think about it, they immediately connect it to NIKE without a second thought. That is what a good Logo is all about, just a symbol, which automatically screams your company’s name or brand.

Long Island Expert Logo Branding

The creation of your logo and corporate identity is important for your business and it needs to look flawless in both small and large print formats which, when strategically designed with your existing or new corporate identity, can boost the visibility of your business.

A great Logo Design serves as the foundation of your Corporate Identity. It is the image that represents your company without the need to display the name or the actual product and/or service.

An effective, high quality logo gives customers the feeling that your business is reliable and worthy of their patronage, and that is what our Long Island Logo Design team excels in!

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Long Island Logo Design

Logo Branding and Designers

Without overbearing imagery, an effective logo subtly and subliminally communicates your business message.

A great logo needs to be elegant, iconic and memorable, so that viewers can associate your company with it at a simple glance. Our team of expert Long Island Logo Design team will make sure that your logo delivers a great first impression by creating an unforgettable logo for your company.

Expert Logo Branding

Brief: We will brainstorm with you and discuss and determine your company’s market and field. We will then decide on the message you want to convey through your logo.

Research: We will come up with a list of “power words” and graphic icons or symbols that visually simplify your company’s name and mission message. Example: “Tree Doctor” green, earth, branch, leaves, medical, stethoscope, entwined serpent cross, etc.

Conceptualize: We will sketch and brainstorm different icons and symbols. We like to take a minimalist approach to maximize the visual message delivery time. Example: a tire instead of an entire car.

Develop: Establish a style guide for future procedures and placement of the logo, including visual color themes to improve on the subliminal mission message on any medium from print web to mobile.

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