Long Island Mobile Web Design Services


Long Island Mobile Web Design Services

Having a fully functional and responsive website that renders perfectly on all mobile devices including the various OS systems on different smartphones and tables is crucial for a business to thrive. Our Long Island Mobile Web Design Services Team excels in professional and efficient programming that displays easy navigation and fast responsive websites. When coding is not done right, a website might be over loaded with unnecessary code, which will make the site slower. Our Long Island Mobile Web Design Team has years of experience in making sure the right code adheres to today’s design standards.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Even though mobile phones have made huge technological advancements, they still do not have the hardware or software capability to run complex sites that are easily processed by desktop and laptop systems.

In a survey made about Mobile Web Design on Long Island, it appears that only about 15% of business owners are confident that their websites are optimized for mobile devices. With so many organizations missing the boat, it won’t take much for your website to appear ahead of them, once you trust our Long Island Web Design Team to optimize it for you.

Mobile web design in Long Island by Web Services by Design can serve as your tool to increase business visibility, generate more leads and increase your revenue.

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Long Island Mobile Web Design Services

Mobile Web Design

On April 26th, 2015, Google launched Panda 4.2, an update to their search engine algorithm, which was labeled by the web industry as the Mobilegeddon. When that happened, websites which were not responsive / optimized for mobile devices lost their ranking positions in Google search engine, hence decreasing business and revenue.

The affect Mobilegeddon had on businesses was huge, since nowadays, over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, which makes it crucial to have your website optimized for the mobile industry.

Call our Long Island Mobile Web Design Services Team today, to make sure your website is optimized for all mobile devices so you can start ranking again, increasing traffic to your site and enhancing your business potential.

Mobile App Development

If you want to increase your website’s traffic, conversion rate, or if you need interactive functions such as 3-D interactive tours, then you will need a mobile app that is well-designed and professionally programmed.

Our Long Island Mobile App Development Team has vast experience in creating mobile apps such as ones for real estate companies and hospitality venues, to mention a few.

With over 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices, a mobile app will help you increase traffic, leads, and also revenue resulting in tremendous growth in your business. Everyday your business is not well-represented in the mobile world, is another day you risk losing a piece of the market share.

Act now! Contact our Long Island Mobile App Development Team to discuss your business course and determine the best course of action that best suits your needs!

Long Island Mobile Web Design

Early into the development of the World Wide Web, sites were built solely for desktop systems. As technology progressed and data transfer rates improved, people started to use their smartphones to get information. The desire to quickly and immediately access information at anytime and anywhere created an insatiable appetite for information. Our fast paced world certainly did not diminish our appetites. This transition has made mobile site development a necessity.

Web Services by Design can help you meet your clients’ needs with modern and innovative mobile web design and mobile app solutions. If you want your Long Island Business to thrive in this new mobile era, contact our Long Island Mobile Web Design Services Team to discuss your best options for a state of the art Long Island Mobile Website today!

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