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Long Island Social Media Design

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool. It gets your business in front of people who are interested in your product or service. It can increase consumer confidence through likes, follows, and recommendations people love to provide on line.

Imagine wanting to buy something and being able to see what other customers are saying about it on Facebook or Twitter. They also can view how many other customers have “Liked” it or “Shared” it with friends and family. Social Media Design provides a higher return because of the loyalty and comfort established by the community and a well-planned marketing campaign.

This social dynamic is necessary for websites and enhanced user experience.

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Long Island Social Media Design

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter & Google Design

The current online trends are created by websites that are interactive and engaging. Websites that contain static copied and pasted content simply doesn’t retain viewership.

Our websites are updated dynamically without having to refresh the page. Live feeds of other users’ comments, shares, and likes can be built in which increases your trust factor help to dispel objects one might have about completing a purchase.

The increased traffic, user interaction, trust, and loyalty maximized your bottom line.

Facebook Page Custom Design

Facebook Timeline Page/Tab Design

We have the skills and talent to customize your Facebook page which is a website in itself. We will sit with you to determine the best course of action. Then we will produce a professional looking page with tabs for additional information and help you stand out in the crowd.

Twitter Custom Design

Twitter Design

Custom social media pages extend to Twitter and Google + as well. Coupling multiple social media accounts while retaining consistent design and communication strategies gives you a set of marketing tools will substantially increase your traffic.

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