Long Island Social Media Integration



Long Island Social Media Integration

The web is social and more and more businesses are found by being a social and statistics show that more and more sales are generated as a result of social media integration. Companies are utilizing social tools we know as ‘Like us’, ‘Follow us’, and ‘Tweet’ about us to create a more engaging online experience for their users.

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Long Island Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Facebook and Twitter Website Integration

Improved interaction when users log into your website with Facebook and Twitter is very useful for retaining traffic and building customer relationship. By keeping your user engaged and excited to be on your website they will return for a future experience. Your customers begin to promote and market your company and products for you when they “socially” share. Build a fresh online business using the Social Networking experience. Take a look at Pinterest and more. By embracing the social systems that Facebook and Twitter have to offer, companies can grow a social networking presence built around these technologies. Give our Long Island Social Media Integration team a call to find out more.

Social Networking

Like, Share, +1, Tweets & Commenting Systems

Everyone knows the value of a referral. Many people, prior to purchasing a product or service will ask a friend of family member if it is worthwhile. Businesses know that when someone goes to them as a referral, there is a high trust making them more likely to complete their purchase. This is the effect of Facebook’s Likes and Shares, Twitter’s Tweets and Re-Tweets, Google’s +1’s, and other commenting systems.

Social Websites

In the early days of web development sites were static. This means that content did not change and when it did, it was not often. Today, websites are dynamic and content is constantly changing. This creates a fabulous opportunity to engage new users.

Social Media

With the proper integration of social media, new content can be automatically posted to social media accounts. What is the value of this, you are wondering. Well, without integration you can very easily spend several hours trying to share your information. Integration help automate the process with saves you time and money.

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