Long Island Social Media Marketing



Long Island Social Media Marketing

A good Social Media Marketing strategy is needed to rank higher in the leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing which are now factoring your Social Media Presence in to the webpage rankings. Therefore; it is no longer enough to simply optimize a site and expect to receive high search engine rankings. This was instituted in April 2012 when search engines announced the Social Media Marketing and interaction with your online base is essential for websites looking to be deemed as relevant.

There are two forms of Social Media Marketing. One is paid advertising: PPC Campaigns which allow you to target your specific audience, and the one that actively engages with your audience. Web Services by Design can set up a paid advertising campaign on almost any budget and then keep newly acquired followers by engaging them in what your company has to offer.

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Long Island Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Ad Designs

Web Services by Design will help you manage and track all of your ad campaigns. We create custom personal pages for your Twitter, Google +, and Facebook accounts. As Social Media marketers we help increase your likes and followers which will increases your web presence. We also provide detailed reports showing you how these campaigns help you rank better and enhance your business.

Increase Social Media Presence

We do the following:

• Custom design pages for most social media platforms
• Create ad campaigns targeting your specific geographic and demographic audience
• Monitor and interact with your social media followers
• Custom social media campaigns within your budget
Facebook Marketing
• and much more!

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